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Statement of Value Proposition

Copterjet is driven by a mission to drive the growth and transformation of aviation businesses in Africa through innovative approaches, with modern information technology solutions.

The main objective is to grow the African aviation sector to a global standard, with Nigeria as its fortress and regional hub, for broader industry operations, while scaling for aggressive growth across major African countries with industry prospects. The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) thus presents a robust platform for our services’ growth and business expansion.

The leadership of Copterjet has carefully formulated key solutions to help aviation businesses leverage and scale significantly through capability supports, technologically driven business processes, and smart solutions. The company’s sets of ideologies, research-based initiatives, and carefully formulated road-maps, are focused on industry growth initiatives, innovations, and process and capacity enhancements, to significantly contribute to the growth of Africa’s GDP, using the aviation sector value-chain as an economic catalyst.

The company’s delivery models are governed by international codes of best practices and ethical standard; therefore, its operating philosophies are clearly defined by a robust specialist competency model. Beyond mutual benefits, we see our clients as partners, the success of their businesses is vital to us and we will continually respond swiftly to their service needs. As a responsible corporate business partner, at all times the company aims to improve on its clients’ capabilities – towards achieving continuous business growth and sustainability.

Our vision-driven initiatives are committed to impacting our operating communities through knowledge deployment, job creation, and the advancement of the African aviation and aerospace segment, which remains our central mission.

Copterjet is focused in helping its clients achieve operational flexibility, revenue optimisation, high level of scalability, affordable access to specialist skills, and to connect with compelling grids of innovations in order to continually deliver substantial values to their stakeholders. In doing so, Copterjet will continue to maintain relationship structure that shares the risks and rewards of projects between its clients and the company as a responsible business partner.

This lofty principle of ours is driven by our brand’s confidence and cultural commitment to excellence- a strong reflection of Copterjet’s corporate identity and what our people truly represent. Our people remain committed to the COPTERJET SPIRIT.


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