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Specialist Team

Specialist Composition

Our service and consulting specialists are drawn from a global pool of experts; virtuoso teams of certified management consulting specialists, licensed aviation professionals, industry veterans, a complementing Global Advisory Council (GAC) team which serves as the lead watchdogs, and different professionals of academic disciplines, all of whom are jointly capable of delivering on complex advisory solutions, project-based aviation consulting, and logistic-based solution.

The specialist Teams and the GAC are jointly responsible for ensuring superior service delivery while the governance framework of COPTERJET is further strengthened through the GAC – a dedicated team that is responsible for providing independent horizontal governance and project leadership.


The aviation industry remains one of the most regulated industry worldwide, and its contributions to a nation’s economic development and transformation is undeniable, therefore, a deep recognition of the pivotal role the aviation industry has on a nation’s economic growth is the strong link to our specialist and consulting service delivery make-up. Delivering on project to extract the most values for our clients is central; therefore, our operating structures are smartly integrated to deliver on the most complex task.

In doing so, the company draws on a vast pool of industry-wide experience and expertise for optimum service delivery. Our delivery approaches are based on systematic evaluations of each project needs, and all of our teams understand that every assignment has its peculiarity, project expectations, and delivery outcomes.

Given these realities, we practically set the stage for the most efficient and effective engagement using the best approach for any given mission. At Copterjet, our understanding of this central role has set us on the part to a clear mission, and with this conviction, there lies the guiding principle for our frontliners who are always mission-ready.

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