Service Framework

The company’s service windows are readily available, and our teams of professionals are at your service to provide superior services in the following areas:

Retainership Solutions

We represent client companies as an extension of their business development units: A market development partner, aviation-tailored information technology vendor, aviation human resource solution provider, operations management and technical specialist. These functional areas begin with complete understanding of the client’s company situation, objectives, and constraints.

We then deploy specialist knowledge and/or represent the client company quietly and confidentially where appropriate, sifting through new market developments, and harnessing new opportunities through formulation and deployment of wining strategies towards cost optimization, scalability, business growth, and sustainability.

Project-based Solutions

Premised on per-project and per-milestone basis, our project consulting service window offers clients a way to harness our specific specialist qualities and expertise to solve various degrees of problems, develop and/or implement plans, and develop specific information through extensive research work and smart global collaboration. Services under this category are available throughout our various service units.

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