Logistics and Ancillary Solutions

The process of meeting various logistical needs varies from one mission to another, and fulfilling any aviation related logistic needs requires strategic engagement of resources to achieve the expected outcome.

At Copterjet, our strategic team understands the need for organisation to develop unique ideas that will enhance efficiency and competitive cost structure without compromising on effectiveness, quality, safety, and standards. Our logistics service solutions are designed to address client’s specific needs.

These needs usually vary from client to client, nonetheless, our client-focused logistic initiatives are driven by a combination of well coordinated logistical processes, tools, and other logistic variables. A clear-cut business approach that takes care of the most complex to the least details, with a carefully structured framework designed to meet changing business needs.

We help our clients develop sustainable strategies aimed at cost reductions, while they focusing on primary internal processes necessary to achieve superior returns by leveraging on our wide range of cost optimization logistic processes.

Fleet Management Solution

At COPTERJET, we prioritise safety, efficiency and reliability. Through our quality-driven synergy with our global technical partners, we are uniquely positioned to offer fleet management services for various types of aircrafts and specific operating assets. we maintain solid professional oversight of clients’ assets, take care of all logistic burdens, while they just fly and enjoy the comforts derivable from the effortless use of such assets.

For us to consistently keep our clients assets safe in their various lines of engagements, we source for and deploy the best sets of resources, which are then committed to taking good care of such assets. Even more, Copterjet will ensure that each of its clients consistently maintain the lowest operating cost achievable without compromising on safety.

If necessary, we may advise that an asset be commercialised to achieve the minimum recommended utilisation, while such asset is also be made to generate revenue which is able to augment the operating cost of such asset. At all times, we ensure that due professional care is given to any asset that is committed to our care.

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