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Our aviation management solutions are delivered through industry-focused business turnaround strategists with specialist skills in the key areas of aviation services.

With service portfolios cleverly structured around B2B, B2C and B2G – A strategically positioned service framework that stretches through meeting the needs of corporate executives, high net-worth individuals, corporate organisations, and government entities.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

As business management strategists, we analyse and design or redesign workflows and business processes that spur organizational momentum. We apply the BPR tool to help organisations fundamentally rethink the way they conduct the business in order to optimise the service culture at the lowest possible cost, stretch out market share and improve returns.

Through the instrument of BPR, we take organizational restructuring to a radical level that undertakes bottom-to-top design of business processes. We make our clients’ business processes pass through a set of globally acclaimed task performance model that delivers on defined business goals. What we offer is a holistic focus on organisational goals to strengthen related processes alongside, leading to full-scale optimisation.

We are a trusted name in business process redesign, business process change management and business transformation specifics that put our clients way ahead of the competition.

Our discovery is that business success is a function of how smooth the operations run. We therefore take steps to simplify and automate core business processes. The end result is practically certain: elevated results in productivity, radical improvements in turnaround time and assured product/service quality at competitive cost.

Our BPR makes a sure promise to clients – enhanced value delivery to the customer whenever and wherever we get a chance to rethink the business process from the blank sheet.

Transformational Outsourcing [TO]

The ways of implementing outsourced tasks have been radically redesigned and we are driving this change in the aviation industry in Nigeria and Africa. 

We have taken outsourcing from the peripheries of the work to the core functions to bring about rapid organisational change, launch new strategies and reconfigure operational boundaries. This defines our transformational outsourcing where we partner with clients to reshape critical functions and bring about sustainable improvements in enterprise-level performance.

We partner with company executives, who are committed to using transformational outsourcing to change their organisations. Our focus is to save our clients the trouble of major internal change initiatives by applying a more effective way of introducing new capabilities and improving performance.

Developing missing skills through internal initiatives consumes time and money. Outright acquisition of such capabilities through M&A usually suffers at implementation levels. Our transformational outsourcing avails clients the skills and techniques they need instantly saving them the time and money needed for internal capacity development and positions them to take advantage in the marketplace as soon as they emerge.

Asset Finance Risk Management & Gatekeeping (Risk Management Partner for financial institutions)

We offer investment consulting services to banks, insurance entities, and other credit providers to the aviation industry practitioners that give due attention to the risk/return profile of assets. We insist with minute details on compliance with regulatory recommended and board approved risk management framework in credit delivery to companies in the aviation industry.

Professional knowledge is a key requirement for banks to build high quality assets in the aviation industry. We provide the needed analytical support to bank executive-level risk management committees in structuring risk management framework and making functional decisions on lending.

We are dependable partners in coordinating the process of prospective clients’ profiling, assessing the adequate level of exposure, mitigating default risk, monitoring and reporting compliance with terms of credit. 

We support the implementation of approved risk management policies and procedures and guide their integration into operations, internal controls and compliance processes.

We constantly track development in international standards and practices on risk management in financial institutions and keep our clients abreast of them. We provide technical advice and support to banks in improving the risk management system in line with changes in the regulatory environment, standards and strategic focus.

With respect to asset based lending, the collateral that is pledged by the borrower must be professionally and correctly appraised. This follows some set of strict rules which usually govern the amount that may be borrowed under the credit terms, expressed as a percentage sum, duly stipulated, and which usually should not exceed a specified percentage of the appraised value.

Financial Modeling & Forecasting

For a company to live in the future and live well in it – it doesn’t happen by chance. Our financial modeling & forecasting service guides our clients to plan their company’s performance into the future. We provide the expertise that enables them determine the expectations of future outcomes in operations.

Our financial modeling uses clients’ historical records and assumptions to express future expectations in numbers. These define the path for future operations, giving a company a clear picture of where it is headed.

This is designed to mitigate the risks and uncertainties to which businesses are highly exposed in an unknown future. We place in the hands of clients the right tools to anticipate, analyse and manage threats as well as take up opportunities as they emerge.

We go beyond traditional forms of financial analysis and forecasting to explore the power of financial models to avail clients new approaches to managing risk in their planning and forecasting. We develop the financial analysis and modeling skills that the modern finance professionals need in managing risks and uncertainties in today’s challenging world, providing high-quality business support to the organisation’s key decision-makers

Airline & MRO Mergers & Acquisitions

The aviation industry in Africa must of necessity turn to acquisitions and appropriate market share definitions to create competitive advantages in a rapidly changing world. We are positioned to lead these dynamic responses to the unique challenges of national and global economies.

For airlines, size is of essence in negotiations and major airlines prefer to deal with larger service suppliers. The way forward points to consolidation to create bigger airlines that will need bigger MROs to optimise operations. We are positioned to lead our clients through consolidation to re-establish appropriate competitive edges.

At Copterjet, we continually keep in focus the attainment of the value expected from a deal through its process and this we do for a reason. 

An acquisition is normally conceived because of value expected but often the process is so involving and post- merger integration so problematic that the entity falls short of the results envisaged.

We take such disappointments off the M&A deals of our clients by our result-focused strategy of directing resources to how to do what needs to be done at every stage from due diligence to post-merger operations. We offer specialist skills and techniques on how to ensure that your M&A deals create rather than lose value.

We look beyond the establishment of synergy to ensure the ultimate purpose of synergy is realised. It is our job to take your post-merger organisation to a height greater than pre-merger entities. We have the expertise, we know the tracks – from earliest stage of deal assessment to post-deal risk management and we’ve got the tactics.

Operationally & Technically Focused Services

Developing robust operational and technical processes is key to the success of any aviation establishment. Our approaches to developing solutions that enable operational viability, growth, and sustainability are built on the necessary pillars for success.

The need for aviation establishments to develop superior initiatives in this unprecedented time cannot be overstated. As the business environment changes, organisations need to look inward and outward and build the necessary synergy towards achieving performance improvements at all levels without compromising on safety, better still, enhance it.

From resource optimisation to strategic alignment of an organisation’s business mission with its strategies, we have carefully developed critical blueprints necessary to extract the best of values from organisation’s resources, stretch the safety policies and initiatives of our client organisation to a new level thereby boosting customer’s confidence, enhance service efficiency and operational effectiveness.

Operations Support Solutions

Our operations services comprise operations standards, strategy, support and elogistics consulting.

These service objectives are strategically driven with the sole aim of helping client organisation achieve continuous performance improvements, enhance safety, achieve scalability, gain competitive edge, innovate, drive down cost to improve profitability, and achieve operational sustainability.

Broadly,services are available under the following categories:

Technical Support Solution

We don’t negotiate on safety! ensuring that our private and commercial clients’ technical needs are thoroughly aligned with their overall operational frameworks, and with absolute conformity with regulatory requirements in accordance with industry best safety practices are non-negotiable.

In achieving this, we carry out periodic and non- periodic audits, combined with strict evaluations of client’s assets and their technical records to create a culture of safe and efficient asset utilisation plan. We will ensure that compliance, routine and scheduled maintenance is duly carried-out in a timely manner and tailored towards the safest, efficient, reliable and profitable operations

Additionally, we offer essentially focused operational and technical solutions in the following areas:

Trusted Aviation Advisory and Consulting Service Partner

Our aviation advisory and consulting services are designed to help clients:

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