Global Advisory Council- GAC

The Global advisory Council (GAC) provides Horizontal governance functions as the second level of governance structure. The GAC members are responsible for providing additional oversight and professional guidance in the areas of internal and external processes that are related to the company’s service offerings.

The GAC Team, being the chief project/service leads, are responsible for coordinating and overseeing all operating activities of the company; they are saddled with the responsibility of cleverly navigating all strategic directions charted by the board of directors. The GAC members coordinate all operating activities at the upper governance lead, and the Council, as a professional “watchdog”, is consistently responsible for making professional strategic reviews of company’s activities and making appropriate evaluations in the overall interest of the company towards achieving growth, efficiency, and service sustainability.

The team is made up of core professionals, which are individuals with evident professional track records of good accomplishments in specific areas of Copterjet’s service segments.

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