Asset Management & Infrastructure Development

Aviation Asset Management & Infrastructure Development

Airports need to have the most efficient and economic use of their infrastructures in view of the high cost of development of these assets and prohibitive replacement costs. Efficient management of airport facilities and systems, as well as aircraft assets are one of our major service windows at Copterjet.

We take an integrated approach to ensure a system-wide functional efficiency, creating a safe and reliable network of airports and other aviation infrastructures. Our goal is to develop and implement aviation asset management best practices.

Airports are already moving in the direction of employing asset management tools and our role is to tap into the untapped potential for accelerated integration. We are determined to see airports empowered to maximize resources, create more jobs, and minimize downtime for users. Our asset management programme makes this happen for our clients.

The infrastructure gap in aviation infrastructure is huge in Nigeria and Africa. The next step forward is the development of the overall strategic vision of these key infrastructures and lay out the channels to attract the right investment capital. We have the right expertise as a versatile specialist entity in applying asset management best practices for aviation infrastructure management, growth and development.

We have opened the doors to global partnership with industry stakeholders, investors, asset owners, airport developers, and other key stakeholders in optimising the overall productivity of the assets under our management through cost effectiveness and enhanced services

Our team of experts is equipped with in-depth knowledge of the various aviation infrastructures and how to improve both angles of development and usage. We lead strategic actions to reinforce business processes, prioritize investments and deploy technology for process tracking and evaluation.

The benefits we bring in through our asset management best practices include enhanced asset productivity with cost saving, improvement in system reliability and safety records. These improvements link up to enhanced quality in clients’ services through increased on-time performance, enhanced air travel experience, and economic growth.

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