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Company Overview

COPTERJET is a fully integrated Aviation specialist firm, strategically positioned in the forefront of aviation services, with a mission to drive growth, strategies and developments in the aviation and aerospace segment across Africa.

Copterjet is a company with extensive industry knowledge and collaborative specialist skills advising and supporting organisations of different sizes, including startups and leading organisations, on innovations, performance improvements, turnaround processes, specific operations and technical projects, cutting-edge technologies, accumulations of capabilities, cost optimization, winning strategies, product and service efficiencies, etc. The company is prepared to play significant role in the public-private sector synergy towards the development and transformation of aviation infrastructures in Africa.

Our consulting business division remains our core intellectual infrastructure, from where our broad mission springs forth.

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Our Vision

To be a leader in the development and transformation of aviation businesses in Africa.

Our Mission

To create a new world of success around the business of aviation in Africa, with the aim of helping our community, clients and our people, to excel and thrive, while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards; and

To provide optimal aviation solutions through a purpose-driven central beacon, with a relentless passion towards committing our resources to game-changing initiatives in the most dynamic, efficient, and effective ways across our service delivery windows – THE COPTERJET SPIRIT.


Brief Company History

The company was envisioned by Captain Toluwa Victor Olorunyomi through divine inspiration, and incorporated in 2015 as a limited liability company, under the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), with registration number: RC 1280304

Toluwa had dedicated over two decades of extensive research in the aviation industry, with a passion focused on strengthening the growth of aviation businesses and infrastructure in West Africa, with Nigeria as a Hub for industry growth. An inspiration that spurred out of a deep passion to create indigenous investments and sustainable aviation institution, committed to the promotion of economic growth and job creation through robust intellectual and physical infrastructure development for the Nigeria’s aviation sector.

Having recognized aviation as an essential catalyst for economic growth, Toluwa continued to nurture the idea, developed business strategies, rethought ideas, and then put together teams of experts and diverse professionals for the actualisation of the company’s objectives.

In actualising this lofty vision, Copterjet was established as an institution of global standing, with compelling brand reputation, and it’s positioned to deliver optimally for the benefit of Nigeria and Africa.

Our Core Values

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